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In the United States, millions of people are affected by hoarding, a mental disorder that is often misunderstood. Hoarding is classified as such due to its roots in anxiety and depression which leave affected individuals unable to throw away items that they’ve accumulated in their homes. Over time, their home becomes cluttered to an unsafe degree as the clutter presents fire and injury hazards and can be the site of bacteria and mold growth.

You should never force an individual affected by hoarding to clean out their residence. Instead, approach them in a caring and compassionate manner and let them know you are worried about them and their unsafe living environment. When the hoarder has agreed to clean their home, reach out to a professional like Texas Water Restoration & Cleanup Services for help.

Texas Water Restoration & Cleanup Services provides professional hoarding cleaning services in Houston, TX, to assist people who are affected by hoarding. Our technicians will work with the affected individual to thoroughly clean and restore the home. We will always be compassionate and respectful, and will not remove anything of which the affected individual has not approved.


Dangers of Hoarding

Hoarding can become such an issue that the accumulated items will take up space in hallways and even stairwells. This can make it extremely tough to move around the home, presenting a high risk for injury from tripping and/or falling. If there is an emergency, this can be particularly concerning as there may not be a clear path to an exit. Fires are also more likely to occur in a home filled with clutter, and they will spread quickly. Health concerns may arise, too, if mold and bacteria form.

If one of your loved ones is struggling with hoarding, have a conversation with them, approaching the subject in a respectful manner. Let them know you are concerned about their hazardous living situation. Once they agree to clean, then you can start with the cleaning process.

At Texas Water Restoration & Cleanup Services, our professional technicians are experienced with hoarding cleaning and know how to work with affected individuals. To start, we will first develop a personal connection with them to establish trust. While we provide help and guidance, the affected person takes the lead on item removal and cleaning.

Following the removal of unwanted items, we will proceed with cleaning, disinfection, and restoration, using advanced cleaning techniques and products. If mold and bacteria have formed, we are equipped to clean and removed these materials. Our technicians also abide by the rules and regulations set by the EPA, the Department of Transportation, and OSHA.


We include the following within our hoarding cleaning services:

  • Clutter removal: Following approval, we remove unwanted items from the home.

  • Decontamination: Our technicians will use advanced cleaning products and techniques to thoroughly clean and decontaminate the home.

  • Odor removal: Using advanced deodorization processes, we will remove lingering odors.

  • Disposal: Our technicians will either donate, recycle, or dispose of items removed from the home.


It is only a matter of time until hoarding behaviors create unsafe living conditions. So it’s important to reach out to your loved one if they are struggling with hoarding. When they have agreed to clean and get help, reach out to Texas Water Restoration & Cleanup Services for our professional hoarding cleaning services.

Call (346)420-0088 for hoarding cleaning services in the Houston, TX area.

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