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When you return to your restored home or business following a disaster, you understandably feel relieved. However, you may discover that, although your property is safe and in good condition, there’s an odor lingering throughout. Structures commonly have a lingering odor in the aftermath of a disaster. It may be a result of mold, biological matter, smoke, or something else. No matter what’s causing the odor, you need to seek professional help to have the smell eliminated.

Texas Water Restoration & Cleanup Services can remove all types of odors from homes and business through the smoke deodorization and odor removal services we provide in Houston.

Our restoration contractors have industry-leading deodorization equipment, including thermal fogging and Nano carbon technology. We use these to remove the following odors from your property:

  • Musty odors produced by water and/or mold

  • Fire and smoke odors

  • Biological and death scene odors

  • Pet and dead animal odors

Included with the deodorization services we provide are:

  • Odor removal at its source

  • Air washing

  • Contaminated air treatment

  • Contaminated structural elements and furnishings treatment

  • Porous surface sealing

  • Deodorization process documentation

Within our deodorization process, we will eliminate the following types of odors:

  • Water damage and mold odors: These odors are usually produced by excessive amounts of water and moisture and the resulting mold growth it may cause.

  • Fire and smoke odors: These odors typically affect air spaces and damage structural elements and furnishings.

  • Biological odors: These smells are often produced by bodily fluids, such as blood, and by dead animals and other biological matter.

If your home or business in Houston,TX, has a lingering odor, then seek help from our smoke deodorization and odor removal services by calling (346)420-0088.

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