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Natural disasters can create chaotic situations, especially when your home or building has sustained severe damage.  Disasters such as floods, storms, and fires have the ability to cause serious structural damage that can leave a building exposed and unstable.  Homes and buildings in this state may face additional damage from outside elements like rain and wind, animals, and even vandals.  If severe structural damage is not quickly stabilized, there is also a chance that the building could collapse.

At Texas Water Restoration & Cleanup Services, we provide emergency board up and tarping services to secure homes and buildings that have sustained severe damage in Houston, TX.  Our technicians will secure the structural core of the building and cover up holes and openings with boards and tarp.  With these services, your home or building will be temporarily protected until it can be properly rebuilt.


Emergency Board Ups

Disasters like floods, fires, and severe storms can cause serious damage to the siding and roof of a home or building, leaving gaping holes that subject it to further damage.  Rain, wind, animals, and even vandals can easily get into a home or building in this state and make the damage much worse.  There is also a chance that these types of disasters can damage the structural core of the building, leaving it in a dangerous and unstable state.  This type of structural damage will only get worse until the building is repaired or at least properly stabilized


Our technicians can quickly stabilize and secure homes and commercial buildings that have sustained serious exterior and structural damage in a disaster.  We will use the best materials available to board up openings and stabilize the structural core of the building to provide it with temporary security.  We can also cover openings in the roof with tarp to keep out rain and animals.

When you call Texas Water Restoration & Cleanup Services for emergency board ups, we will arrive with the materials ready to secure your home or building.  You can expect the following from these services:

  • Stabilization of structural damage

  • Covering of holes in the roof and siding and broken windows with boards

  • Tarping over roof damage to keep out rain, wind, and animals

  • Barricades if necessary


Experiencing severe damage to your home or building is overwhelming and if you don’t take the right steps, the damage to your property could get worse.  Our professionals are standing by 24 hours a day to provide emergency board ups and tarping which will secure your property long enough to be properly rebuilt.

We are available at (346)420-0088 to respond to emergencies in Houston, TX.

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